I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Online 

Step by Step ONLINE program - SSP Monster Mapping app for AU$20 - suitable for total beginners (aged 3+) and those who have struggled to read and spell using synthetic phonics - independent reading in 100 lessons with Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer. 
Systematic, sequential, scaffolded reading and spelling lessons incorporating oral language, phonemic awareness, visual and linguistic phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Ideal for Dyslexic learners and those with Speech and Language Difficulties    


Follow the Step by Step Lessons

Even if the learner has received tutoring or attended school, but has struggled to learn to read and spell with independence and confidence, please start from lesson 1. 
Many of the underlying issues are overcome within lessons 1 - 30.

These e-readers are included in the SSP Monster Mapping app and designed to enable the learner to practise and reinforce the skills and concepts covered within the lessons, at their own pace. 

Use the Lesson Booklets

If you do not get the full kit, please get the Digital Downloads

This is a low cost way to ensure that learners are able to read and spell if you are not in a position to get the full ICRWY teaching kit.

Spencer started the ICRWY Pilot when he had just turned 4. He is now reading at the Yellow Code Level (see below) and at around PM 10 - 12 (see him reading The Green Pirate. He starts school in Queensland in 2022.  


Spencer started the ICRWY Project programme when he had just turned 4, and is seen here working out whether the u in the word 'careful' (c/are/f/u/l) is a speech sound picture of the speech sound ʊ or the schwa ə

The IPA shows k/eə/f/ʊ/l but he doesn't say it that way. The Speech Sound Monsters are phonetic symbols for kids. 

He won't start school until next year (2022) and if being taught using 'synthetic phonics' he may not even be taught about the schwa. He might be expected to learn 'satpin' with the other - even though he will be able to pass the UK Phonics Screener before starting school. This worries me. If he goes to an SSP (Speech Sound Pics) Approach school he will start at the stage where he is currently 'sitting' with regards to his learning journey. eg in Ehri's consolidated alphabetic phase (Ehri 1995, 2014) and is a reader more readily teaching himself new connections (Share, 1995) Please do contact me if interested in becoming a UK 'I Can Read Without You' School' using the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach. 

Spencer is exploring the mapping of phonemes to graphemes (to read and spell) while also ensuring that he can recognise and blend the basic, high-frequency Code Level Sound Pics. 
Phases overlap. Children can - and should- be exploring words eg 'vacuum' (and ESPECIALLY lot of high frequency words) while learning basic ('regular') mapping 

As an experienced teacher I can understand why over 90% of children are not easily passing the UK phonics screener by the middle of Year 1 (at the very lastest) It is not because they are unable to LEARN to do this, it is because of the way teachers in the UK are being told to TEACH.
This is spreading to Australia. 

Fortunately there are amazing school leaders and teams who are as focused on the learning of each child as I am. They choose an approach that embraces differences and has a focus on how each child is learning more than what the teacher is teaching at specific points throughout the year - the data collected by these schools support their choice. You can read testimonials and Case Studies here.

Parents who are concerned that their child is not getting what they need to succeed can now use the ICRWY Project lessons, and ideally the teaching kit. 

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- 2 years old

Although Miss Emma recommends the full teaching kit in order to make the best use of the online lessons, and especially if you are a homeschooling parent, tutor, learning support teacher or speech therapist, you can follow the lessons with the digital downloads.


- 4 years old

An innovative but practical solution to support early literacy intervention for reading and spelling difficulties such as dyslexia and Sp&LD

I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Online